SATURN'S Truth is not for sale.



SATURN'S MOONS ARE Photos BY the CASSINI MISSION ~*~ Our first photo shown here (IN FALSE COLOR) is of the Moon TITAN and there are geometric shapes, evidences of water and vegetation all over it. Titan nearly appears to be the most Earthlike and habitable of Saturn's 17 moons. Fumbling around in my folders, I have four dozen good Titan photos, so Titan has its own folder, as does Iapetus and Enceladus. There's just too much material to heap it all into one folder. Included here will be close-up views of Titan found in Cassini Mission and by telescope and other varied internet public sources.

CASSINI MISSION ~*~ This city only showed up when I viewed the Cyan-Magenta-Yellow spectrum, and it's very tiny compared to the human figures shown.

ESA'S HUYGENS MISSION was a satellite fly-by.N ~*~ HUYGENS MISSION. ~*~ We're looking at a stream; but it also looks as if we're looking at people standing over-their-heads in the water of the stream. I cannot explain it. What do I know? :shrug: I, uh, once found photos of human forms and figures moving around at the bottom of Hudson Bay, Canada, also.

ESA'S HUYGENS MISSION was a satellite fly-by. ~*~ How plain do images have to be before people can recognize other people?

"NASA CASSINI" This "picture" is not a photograph in the literal sense; it's a visual puzzle, with faces all over it. The original was nearly solid BLACK, undeveloped. I have over-exposed the image so you can see it's a snow-scene.

CASSINI MISSION ~*~ I stared at this photo for hours, trying to figure out what I'm looking at. But here it is. This is a SNAPSHOT of an ELEVATED rail transit system ~lurching~ in full motion around a curve, full of people. All races, as we know Race: White, Black, Asian, Semite. And there's architecture in the background on Saturn's Moon Titan.

CASSINI, done in false hues ~*~ Who'd believe this was not an earthscape?

NASA CASSINI. ~*~ No way this is Terran photography. Our cameras don't work like this. It's pretty, but I don't know what it is, and I set hue saturation for "neutral colors."

NOTE: All NASA PHOTOGRAPHS ARE UNCOPYRIGHTED. I have reproduced their policy.


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