Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Join our Affiliate Program, tell people about us and earn money while you sleep

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You are welcome to join our referral program and earn 15% of each purchases of every user referred by you to the NetrinoMedia Marketplaces. All you need to do is place a button or link on your web site, using the referral code that was automatically assigned to you.

Our Features


Social Promote

Get access to our banners, widgets, text links and other materials.


Advanced Reporting

Stats are processed in real time and are available in all reports.


Great Support

Contact our helpful Account Managers for any queries.

1. Register Your Account

Each time a new user clicks that button or link, signs up an account with us, and purchases a product at any NetrinoMedia Marketplace, you will be credited 15% of the amount of that purchase. For example, if $1000 is paid for a product you'll get $150. As you can see, it's pretty easy to make money this way. The commissions you earn are displayed in your affiliate statistics in a way similar to product sales statistics.

Register Your Account
2. Share Your Links

To make a referral link, add ?a=username to our links, substituting "username" by your login. You can place referral links any page of your web site. In most cases, you should use the same code as the one used for your home page. For example, the link will become Also you can download our banners & logos.

Share Your Links
3. Use our Logos & Banners

To help with referring users you may wish to use our logos and banners. You can grab both light and dark background versions.


Use our Logos & Banners
4. Enjoy Earnings

You can track your earnings in real time on your Referrals page and request a payout when you reach $100.

Enjoy Earnings

Technical Details and Restrictions

Some explanations of how referral links work and what is allowed

  • For tracking someone who clicks on your referral link, cookies must be enabled in his or her web browser.
  • If someone accidentally or deliberately deletes "our" cookies, we cannot track him or her. In this case, you won't earn anything. (Sorry, but what can we do?)
  • The cookie expiration period is 3 months. If someone signs up with us and makes a purchase within that period, you earn your commission.
  • If the new user clicked on your referral link and afterwards clicked on someone else's link, you will be the one who gets the commission.
  • You will earn commission for new users only. If someone clicks on your referral link after visiting any NetrinoMedia Marketplace, you won’t earn anything.
  • You cannot place referral links from one NetrinoMedia Marketplace to another (or to itself). Chaining links via external domains is forbidden too.

Become a Partner