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This category contains a wide choice of Outdoor items 3D Models - Furniture. Any 3D Outdoor items model is available in .max, .obj, .c4d, .fbx, .dxf, .dwg, .stl, .iges, .3ds, .mb, .lwo, .3dm, .skp and .blend format. Some of them are ready for 3D Printing & Games. Also you will find a great number of models in Bedroom and Household items categories.
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  1. Dumpster v4 weathered 3D Model
  2. Dumpster v4 3D Model
  3. Dumpster v3 weathered 3D Model
  4. Dumpster v3 3D Model
  5. Dumpster v2 weathered 3D Model
  6. Dumpster v2 3D Model
  7. Dumpster v1 3D Model
  8. Garden table Surabaya 3D Model
  9. Garden chair Surabaya 3D Model
  10. Hexagonal Garden Gazebo with Side Panels 02 3D Model
  11. Hexagonal Garden Gazebo with Side Panels 01 3D Model
  12. Habitat Rolio Sun Lounger 3D Model
  13. Garden table Tomson 3D Model
  14. Garden sofa with mesh back 3D Model
  15. Garden sofa Waters 3D Model
  16. Garden sofa Tomson 3D Model
  17. Garden sofa Stella 3D Model
  18. Garden sofa Leipzig 3D Model
  19. Garden Gazebo 02 3D Model
  20. Garden Gazebo 01 3D Model
  21. Garden furniture set Veneto 3D Model
  22. Garden furniture set Stella 3D Model
  23. Garden Frame Swimming Pool 3D Model
  24. Garden coffee table Waters 3D Model
  25. Garden coffee table Leipzig 3D Model
  26. Garden chair with mesh back 3D Model
  27. Garden chair Waters 3D Model
  28. Garden chair Tomson 3D Model
  29. Garden chair Leipzig 3D Model
  30. -50%
    Hammock v 1 3D Model
  31. Garden Sofa Casper 3D Model
  32. Garden Furniture Set Eden 3D Model
  33. Garden Furniture Set Bremen 3D Model
  34. Double Steel Garden Hanging Chair 3D Model
  35. Argos Metal Folding Sun Lounger 3D Model
  36. Argos Home Steel Garden Rocking Chair 3D Model
  37. Argos Home Argenta Rattan Effect Day Sofa 3D Model
  38. Plastic chair stackable 02 3D Model
  39. Round Wicker Table With Round Chair Set 3D Model
  40. Rattan Furniture Set 02 3D Model
  41. Rattan Furniture Set 01 3D Model
  42. Rattan Four Chair And Table Set 03 3D Model
  43. Rattan Four Chair And Table Set 02 3D Model
  44. Rattan Four Chair And Table Set 01 3D Model
  45. Outdoor Wooden Table With 4 Chairs 3D Model
  46. Outdoor Garden Chair With Cushion 3D Model
  47. Outdoor Coffee Table With Two Chairs 3D Model
  48. Outdoor Coffee Table 3D Model
  49. Outdoor Chair 02 3D Model
  50. Outdoor Chair 01 3D Model
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