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Here we gathered a good collection of plants 3d models created by professional 3d artists. These 3d plant models will definitely enhance the quality of your projects. Here you can find plant 3d models of Bushes, that include 3d models of bushes made in the shape of different animals, Flowers, such as tulips, roses, meadows, sunflowers etc, Small Plants, such as house plants, mushrooms and leaves, and Trees. These 3d plants are available in MAX, C4D, BLEND, FBX, STL and OBJ formats. Contact our Support team for the format you need. You will also find something worth your attention in the categories Music 3D Models and Sci-Fi 3D Models.
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  1. Pot of grass 3D Model
  2. Mushroom 3D Model
  3. Grass 3D Model
  4. Flowers 3D Model
  5. Flower animation free 3D Model
  6. Hepatica 3D Model
  7. Cactus 3D Model
  8. Low poly tree 3D Model
  9. Low poly tree 3D Model
  10. Stylized flower 3D Model
  11. Pumpkin 3D Model
  12. Tree Lowpoly 3D Model
  13. Low Poly Cactus 3D Model
  14. Flower Pots 3D Model
  15. Cactus plant 3D Model
  16. Christmas tree 3D Model
  17. Plant Calibanus hookeri pot 3D Model
  18. Thorny Tendrils 3D Model
  19. Fairy Tree 3D Model
  20. Stylized hand-painted succulent plants 3D Model
  21. 26 Spooky Trees 3D Model
  22. Stone 3D Model
  23. Alien Plant 3D Model
  24. Autumn Garden Blender Cyclec 3D Model
  25. Pumpkin 3D Model
  26. Grass Low-poly 3D Model
  27. Grass 3D Model
  28. Vine 3D Model
  29. Tree lowpoly 3D Model
  30. Indoor Plants Collection 5 3D Model
  31. Stylized potted plant 3D Model
  32. Cartoon mushroom 3D Model
  33. Rose 3D Model
  34. Fantasy tree 3D Model
  35. Flowers 3D Model
  36. prayas von terrain 3D Model
  37. tree v2 3D Model
  38. grass pack 3D Model
  39. a snow tree 3D Model
  40. christmas tree with gifts  3D Model
  41. simple grass 3D Model
  42. spathiphyllum 3D Model
  43. interior banana plant 3D Model
  44. a candle tree 3D Model
  45. flowerpot lowpoly suculents and cactus 3D Model
  46. blooming cactus 3D Model
  47. small ball-shaped flowers 3D Model
  48. home garden boxes 3D Model
  49. tropical trees collection 3D Model
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