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This is a huge collection of sci-fi 3d models of superior quality. Here you will find 3d sci-fi models of Real Spacecrafts and Fantasy Spacecrafts, rockets, as well as sci-fi 3d models of different Planets that include 3d models of Earth, Moon, Venus, as well as collections of suns-stars, moons and planets. These high-resolution models of planets and spacecraft will perfectly fit your projects related to the space area. These 3d sci-fi models are available in MAX, C4D, BLEND, FBX, STL and OBJ formats. You also will be probably interested in the categories Plants 3D Models and Sport 3D Models
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  1. Loto66vip 3D Model
  2. AssaultMech 3D Model
  3. A jar with a strange substance 3D Model
  4. Striker eureka 3D Model
  5. Sphere branch 3D Model
  6. Lava planet animated 3D Model
  7. Space station 3D Model
  8. Wall of the spaceship 3D Model
  9. Electro 3D Model
  10. Coals animation 3D Model
  11. Comet and Hurricane 3D Model
  12. Low poly spaceship 3D Model
  13. SpaceShip Car 3D Model
  14. 37gun 3D Model
  15. 2Excelsior Shuttle 3D Model
  16. Space wanderer 3D Model
  17. Cosmoroom 3D Model
  18. Mini Mecha DD-002 3D Model
  19. Mini Mecha 3D Model
  20. Spaceship 3D Model
  21. Futuristic bench 3D Model
  22. Robot Mech 3D Model
  23. Sci-fi industrial container 3D Model
  24. Robot 3D Model
  25. Martian module 3D Model
  26. Smoke 8 3D Model
  27. Smoke 7 3D Model
  28. Sci fi blender 3D Model
  29. Little watchdog robot 3D Model
  30. spaceship patriot type 1 3D Model
  31. mars 3d globe 1 3D Model
  32. robot de rastreo 3D Model
  33. Soundwave-transformers 3D Model
  34. violet spaceship 3D Model
  35. lowpoly robot 3D Model
  36. spaceship 3D Model
  37. sci-fi cube 3D Model
  38. eva-01 evangelion 3D Model
  39. sterak ship 3D Model
  40. spacecraft mars 3D Model
  41. spacecraft gonec 3D Model
  42. Spider-dron 3D Model
  43. portal - blender 3D Model
  44. alien organ 3D Model
  45. sci fi corridor 3D Model
  46. ufo flying saucer 3D Model
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