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Find a great collection of 3d weapons on 3DExport! Check the whole catalog and the categories Guns, Armour and Meele. We offer only high-quality 3d weapon models that will save your time and help in your projects. You can download 3d weapons in any formats: MAX, C4D, BLEND, FBX, STL and OBJ formats. You will be impressed by their diversity and quality. If you are looking for a good 3d weapon model for your project, look through our collection and you will definitely find something useful. The process of downloading is simple and quick. You can also check the categories Watercraft 3D Models and X-mas 3D Models for some useful models.
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  1. -50%
    Orion Flare 3D Model
  2. -50%
    German Nazi M24 Anti-Tank 3D Model
  4. Wood Fist 3D Model
  5. Two Competition Kamas 3D Model
  6. Twin Hooks Tree Swords 3D Model
  7. Tonfa Plastic 3D Model
  8. Tonfa Okinawa Wood 3D Model
  9. Tomahawk Axe Tactical 3D Model
  10. Throwing Weapons Wooden Target Stand 3D Model
  11. Throwing Knife 09 3D Model
  12. Throwing Knife 08 3D Model
  13. Throwing Knife 07 3D Model
  14. Throwing Knife 06 3D Model
  15. Throwing Knife 05 3D Model
  16. Throwing Knife 04 3D Model
  17. Throwing Knife 03 3D Model
  18. Throwing Knife 02 3D Model
  19. Throwing Knife 01 3D Model
  20. Throwing Axe 3D Model
  21. Templar Sword Metal 3D Model
  22. Staff Three Sectional Short Metal 3D Model
  23. Staff Three Sectional Plastic 3D Model
  24. Single Blade Axe Pair 3D Model
  25. Shuriken Throwing Ninja Knife 09 3D Model
  26. Shuriken Throwing Ninja Knife 08 3D Model
  27. Shuriken Throwing Ninja Knife 07 3D Model
  28. Shuriken Throwing Ninja Knife 06 3D Model
  29. Shuriken Throwing Ninja Knife 05 3D Model
  30. Shuriken Throwing Ninja Knife 04 3D Model
  31. Shuriken Throwing Ninja Knife 03 3D Model
  32. Shuriken Throwing Ninja Knife 02 3D Model
  33. Shuriken Throwing Ninja Knife 01 3D Model
  34. Sai Round Steel 3D Model
  35. Sai Octogonal Metal 3D Model
  36. Plastic Bow With Arrow 3D Model
  37. Nunchaku Octagonal Wood Lace 3D Model
  38. Nunchaku Chain Metal 3D Model
  39. Nunchaku Chain Light Plastic 3D Model
  40. Ninja Shuriken Circular Dagger Shinobu 3D Model
  41. Needles Throwing Hexagonal 3D Model
  42. Melon Hammer Pair 3D Model
  43. Kusarigama With Cord Plastic 3D Model
  44. Knuckle With Spikes 3D Model
  45. Knuckle With Braiding 3D Model
  46. Knuckle Classic 3D Model
  47. Knuckle Bones 3D Model
  48. King Gujian Sword 3D Model
  49. Katana 02 3D Model
  50. Katana 01 3D Model
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