X-mas Free 3D Models

Here we have a collection of 3d Christmas models that will perfectly meet the needs of your projects concerning Christmas Day. In particular, here you can find 3d model of Christmas stockings, as well as 3d model of Santa Claus’s sled. These xmas 3d models are available in all 3d formats: MAX, C4D, BLEND, FBX, STL and OBJ formats. Contact our Support team for the format you need. The categories Weapons 3D Models and Other 3D Models are also worth paying attention.
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  1. Copos de Nieve - Snowflakes Free 3D Model
  2. New Years numbers 2023 3D Model
  3. Santa girl 3D Model
  4. Sled 3D Model
  5. Giftbox 3D Model
  6. low poly snow globe 3D Model
  7. christmas decoration 3D Model
  8. toboggan 3D Model
  9. christmas toys 3D Model
  10. gift box 3D Model
  11. christmas green ball 3D Model
  12. moo music 2021 3D Model
  13. new year scene 3D Model
  14. cartoon christmas bell free 3D Model
  15. christmas sphere 3D Model
  16. christmas sphere 3D Model
  17. free earth planet all format 3D Model
  18. christmas bells  3D Model
  19. lowpoly snowman 3D Model
  20. winterwings 3D Model
  21. zvezdaserpimolot 3D Model
  22. snowflakerenderpack 3D Model
  23. low poly fir tree decorative object free 3D Model
  24. eyeball 3D Model
  25. snow man 3D Model
  26. broken toys 3D Model
  27. christmas tree 3D Model
  28. christmas tree 3D Model
  29. the art object from a glass 3D Model
  30. christmas deer 3D Model
  31. christmas cane 3D Model
  32. hand painted christmas gift 3D Model
  33. santa 3D Model
  34. christmas tree 3D Model