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You are in the Characters category which is a brand new collection of 3d characters of different kinds. Here download an excellent 3d character model from the categories People, Cartoon, Fantasy and Sci-Fi. You can also find here 3d model organs in the category Anatomy, as well as Clothing. Any 3d character models is available in all 3d formats: MAX, C4D, BLEND, FBX, STL and OBJ formats. Contact our Support team for the format you need. All the 3d character models are created by professional artists. You will be greatly impressed by their diversity and beauty. Check the whole category and find exactly what you need for your 3d project. Our characters 3d is a good choice for your projects. Find other models in Cars 3D Models and Cookware Tools 3D Models categories.
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  1. -50%
    Mine Helmet 3D Model
  2. Cap V56 3D Model
  3. Natural Female in T-Pose Base Mesh 3D Model
  4. Natural Male in 3 Modeling Poses Base Mesh 3D Model
  5. Character Print 3d 3D Model
  6. Head cartoon 3D Model
  7. Cap V55 3D Model
  8. 3D Hair style for girl V113 3D Model
  9. Intestinal Microvilli Anatomy 3D Model
  10. Travel bag Keepall 60 Black 3D Model
  11. Smooth Muscle Anatomy 3D Model
  12. Adult Stylized Stickman in T-Pose 3D Model
  13. 3D Hair style for boy V113 3D Model
  14. Zip Fastener For Outerwear With 5cm Teeth Rows 3D Model
  15. Beard V53 3D Model
  16. Human Brain Cross Section Anatomy 3D Model
  17. Base Hair for girl V53 3D Model
  18. Epidermis Cross Section Anatomy 3D Model
  19. Foot Base Mesh Kit 3D Model
  20. Base Hair for Boy V53 3D Model
  21. Natural Male in A-Pose Base Mesh 3D Model
  22. Natural Male in Rest Pose Base Mesh 3D Model
  23. -20%
    Garden Gnome 8 3D Model
  24. Mechanical claw 3D Model
  25. Bag V12 3D Model
  26. Natural Female and Male in T-Pose Base Mesh BUNDLE 3D Model
  27. Human Legs Muscle Bone Anatomy 3D Model
  28. Full Body Muscle Anatomy 3D Model
  29. Lymphocytes Pack 3D Model
  30. Nasal Human Anatomy Structure 3D Model
  31. Knee joint 3D Model
  32. Human Teeth Tooth 3D Model
  33. PPancreas Human 3D Model
  34. Respiratory System 3D Model
  35. Human Kidney Anatomy 3D Model
  36. Hip replacement implant installed in the pelvis bone 3D Model
  37. Human Lungs Anatomy Body Respiratory System 3D Model
  38. Stomach Cross Sectional Anatomy 3D Model
  39. Nerve Cell Anatomy In Details 3D Model
  40. Spine Anatomy 3D Model
  41. Human Liver Low-poly 3D Model
  42. Human Heart Anatomy 3D Model
  43. Natural Female and Male in Rest Pose Base Mesh BUNDLE 3D Model
  44. Lymphocytes Pack 3D Model
  45. Realistic Human Bronchi Alveoli Anatomy 3D Model
  46. Human Stomach Cross Section 3D Model
  47. Human Respiratory System Lungs 3D Model
  48. Human Heart Anatomy 3D Model
  49. Fat Cell Anatomy 3D Model
  50. Ear Anatomy Structure Open 3D Model
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